Does Scouting Work?

Working with the Cradle of Liberty Council and funded by the John Templeton Foundation, Dr. Richard M. Lerner and his team at Tufts University surveyed nearly 1,800 Cub Scouts and nearly 400 non-Scouts to better understand character development of Scouts. After a two-and-a-half-year period, the study proved Scouting builds positive character and prepares young people for life.

Creativity and Competition

The Pinewood Derby is a cherished tradition within our pack, bringing together Cub Scouts and their families for an exciting day of creativity, engineering, and friendly competition. Each year, Scouts design and build their own wooden cars, learning valuable skills in craftsmanship and sportsmanship. Supported by dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic families, the Pinewood Derby not only fosters teamwork and ingenuity but also creates lasting memories and a strong sense of community within our pack.

Discover Cub Scouts:

Answering Your Top Questions. Join us as an experienced Scout leader answers the top five questions about Cub Scouts. This informative video provides valuable insights into what makes Cub Scouting a fun and rewarding experience for both boys and girls. Learn about the exciting activities, the benefits of joining, and how Scouting helps develop important life skills. Whether you’re a parent considering Scouting for your child or just curious about what Cub Scouts do, this video has the answers you need.

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